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Social Media Marketing
Social Media

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Social media can no longer be ignored by your company. The reason is clear: Your next customer is on social media right there in front of you.

Take a minute and look around, I bet everyone you see is on their phone, not talking but scrolling through.
Scrolling through where? Social Media.

How Our Social Media Marketing Works

Design & Set Up

We design the graphics for your social media accounts. We ensure your Social Media accounts represent your company and reflect everything that you offer.

Daily Posting

Daily and weekly posts about your business and services (but not cats or what you're up to at the weekend - unless it's relevant). We'll make sure your customers get to know YOU!

Create Professional Branded Images

A picture paints a thousand words. Conversion rates are over 90% more than stand alone text. Our design team (James) will make sure your images sell your service.


Encouraging customers to engage with your business is the most important aspect of using social media platforms. It's like a shop front, see us as the face of your business.

Viral Content

The whole aim is to post content that encourages shares and likes. Your customers are looking for your products and we know exactly how to offer it to them.

Targeted Campaings

When we launch a campaign we will target your audience. The campaign will be aimed at customers looking for your services. In addition, your social media following will increase.

Researching Your Market

We will understand your business and customers which means developing effective marketing campaigns. Increasing your social media presence is key.<br />


Joining groups that reflect what your business offers is a huge benefit. But running one will lead to increased sales. We will help your business to gain a following via Facebook groups.

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