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Why Moodle Marketing Was Created

Why Moodle Marketing Was Created

Why Moodle Marketing was created

Why was Moodle Marketing created? To make money, right?

No. Let me explain.

Of course we do charge for services, that wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t.

So are we just another Digital Marketing Agency.

We like to think not. I mean I’m not going to write the cheesy line “we do things different” because we may not.

Moodle offer services like other agencies such as SEO, Facebook Ads, Web Design. These are essential for your business to get online.

But we aren’t happy with just offering a service and getting you to sign up and pay up.

Over the years we have seen like you an increase with business online. Moodle Marketing is James and Mark. Brothers, Mark being the senior. We have had a local business like you.

Yes we haven’t always been in the digital marketing world. Originally we have had a Taxi business, Car valeting business and most recently a Window Cleaning business. So when it comes to owning a local small business we have worn the T-Shirt.

I would love to tell you how much we have invested over the years in local business but I simply can’t remember, but we’ve done it. Out off all the business that we have created and built over the years, there is a reoccurring theme that goes through them all.


Businesses don’t exist without customers, so thats why throughout every business thats always the hardest part.

The Cost of Advertising

If money was being spent on advertising we have done it. From business cards, flyers newspaper ads magazine ads to walking around knocking on doors canvassing for business. All of which cost money which is something you do expect, but you do it because you need more business.

Short Story Time

We were called one day by a lovely lady. She told me that I could get my Car Valeting business in a magazine in front of 1000’s people for the price of one coffee. At this point I got very excited. She explained how the magazine was distributed locally and I would soon start to receive calls. Without thinking during all this excitement, I was sold and paid the money.

I was ripped off.

The ad was placed but the mag was nowhere to be seen. I was angry at this point. Lesson learned.

I never paid again for anything like that. I can imagine this goes on everyday. And it simply is not fair, taking advantage of hard working people trying to build a business using their small amount of hard earned money.

Fast forward in time to the beginning of our Window Cleaning business.

I didn’t like the idea of door knocking for business. Now in my home I could advertise my business and wait for the phone to ring. So I built a website (weebly) and waited.

Nothing happened. Fast forward again, I had discovered something called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Fast forward again(a lot of fast forwarding here) I had ranked the site on page 1 of Google and was bringing in constant customers to the window cleaning business.

9 Years of Development

Over the years I’ve been part of a mastermind of SEO experts from all over the world. EWe gather together online each day to discuss all thing SEO. Within this time I’ve seen so many so called “Digital Marketing Companies” locally and worldwide, and I’ve seen how bad some are. Some of course are really good, but I never get the feeling they have the interest of you and I in mind.

Everything can seem so secretive like they only want your money. Being a local business owner I understand the frustration of you when trying to attract more custom to your business. I understand that money is tight and needs to be well spent on marketing.

So that’s why we created Moodle Marketing. We want to be the only digital marketing agency that your business will need. Our aim is to take the worry and stress of digital marketing from you and do it for you, not for the money but to help your business to grow.

Growth of your business makes us happy

No more hidden secrets. We are an agency that wants to help grow your business and we can advise you on what platform is best for your business to be on. Get in touch, we are happy to visit you and discuss your needs, over a coffee of course.

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